To God be the glory

Rick and I have been saying for several months now that we should start keeping a prayer journal. I am pretty good about writing things down, but for some reason, prayer requests and answered prayer have not been one of those things. Since we’ve been seeing so much answer to prayer in the past several weeks, I figured now would be a good time to start writing these things down, and what better place than a blog?

Here’s what God has done in the past week:

  • Rescued Peter’s grades from the pit. He was not doing so great back in February, and we had a nice (ugh) meeting with the guidance counselor, who read him the riot act. And as of this afternoon, I was certain he was going to fail at least one class for the quarter. But, praise Him, the grades kept coming in with improvements. I know guys at church have been praying for Peter. I have been praying as well. There is still room to improve, but I thank God for bringing Peter out of the funk he was in and set him on the path to self discipline in his school work and in shop.
  • Worked in co-worker’s life in a way that she can’t deny. My work friend was distraught about a legal situation that suddenly revisited her after lying dormant for 3 years. This situation caused her to lose sleep. She couldn’t get in contact with her lawyer, and the person who was going to help her didn’t show up on her court date. I told her I would pray for her. Praise God again: The judge let her go with a nominal fee, and the case is now closed. She recognized God’s hand in this, and I am very grateful He answered to her benefit. I am now looking forward to God opening up more doors, and it might be going all the way to India to share the gospel. We’ll see what He has in the coming months.

As for running, well, we are glad we can run at all. We’ve been doing a little here and there, and we are looking forward to a trip to Gettysburg in a couple weeks to run a 10 miler there. The trip is sort of a tour of history (thanks to Grampy) + a road race. I will report back, with pictures and stories of good times, Lord willing!

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