It has been a while…

So the best laid plans.

No racing for the past several weeks. The chassis was not ready for the engine as it turns out.  I blew out my hip on Memorial Day doing a hard track workout with Rick while training for the NH mile race. Bummed, but so it goes…

We are training again, this time for the Baystate Half Marathon in October.  We were going to do the full but listening to the body and looking at the calendar, getting in a quality training cycle  aint gonna happen. So, we will shoot for a 13.1 PR instead.


We just came back from vacation. Very relaxing time in Vermont at a lovely B&B. 

Rick chillin'

We spent a large chunk of that time listening to the unabridged version of “Unbroken”,  the story of Louis Zamperini, written by Laura Hillenbrand. What a masterpiece. After all he endured, the account of his surrender to Christ at a Billy Graham meeting in LA brought both me and Rick to tears. Our God, in His sovereignty and mercy, is awesome.  Highly recommend this book if you haven’t read (or listened to) it. Just an incredible story.


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