Race Report: 5th Annual Franklin SNETT Road Race

So this was a fun one, not so much for the race itself, although that went well, but for Rick’s last minute participation in it. God gave us a good day. Maybe today would be the under 35 day for 5 miles.

Rick had signed up for this race with me about a month ago, somehow expecting that he would have time to train. He didn’t. Work, Sunday School prep and general life things have taking precedence over running. With that, he was came to watch me run, and not run himself.

I go to pick up my number, and guess what? Rick has a last minute change of heart. He has shoes, but no shorts! What to do? Take your wife’s sweatpants and turn them into shorts of course! The race director just happened to have scissors. Here’s what we did to my favorite pants:

Cutoff sweatpants – Rick’s new racing gear

Using the car as a changing room, Rick dons the new shorts.

Rick gets changed in the car
Rick gets changed in the car

And like Superman emerging from the phone booth, Rick is ready to race!

Rick ready to run
Rick ready to run!

It all went well. Rick was a good 30 seconds ahead of me, despite thinking he wasn’t going to be able to run. Came away winning his age group!

First Place Age Group

Overall, it was a pretty good run. Rick and I did NOT run the same time despite what the results say, though that would have been nice.  I really ran 35:04, a little shy of my goal of breaking 35 today. Did hold off the lady behind me though FTW!

5 mile results

Until next time…

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