PEA Scholarship Scuttle 5k:Race Report

A couple weeks ago, I saw a race advertised on our local cable station for a 5k at the Wood school in Plainville. Was very curious where this route could possibly go and would be good to get a good workout in so I signed up.

But, before I get into the race, check out the new racing shoes. Asics Hyperspeed. I like ’em!

Asics Hyperspeed

This race was to benefit the Plainville Scholarship fund. Rick nicely came along with me for support. Was nice actually connecting with our neighbors. We don’t do nearly enough of that.

Here is the start. Lots of excited kids who also happen to be taller than me, even though they are only in 5th grade! That is me in the pink shirt. Note the very affectionate couple to the right. Very weird…

Start of the Wood School Race

After last race and a workout on Monday, I was feeling a little concerned that I couldn’t pace faster than a 7:00 minute mile! After the first mile though, that thought went away with a 6:42 to start. Phew!

Ran through the neighborhood across from the school, then came back across 106 through another neighborhood. Went by quick as the 5k tends to do.  Came across in 20:52 for the lady’s win!

Better than expected result!

All and all, a very blessed morning. Praise God for the day. He is far too good to me.

Next up: Franklin 5 mile on 5/2. Rick is signed up for that one!

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