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Old Irish Village 10K: Race Report

On what I hope is the final snowy weekend for 2015, I ran the Old Irish Village 10K in Wrentham, MA. This race is a fundraiser for the King Philip Track Team, which I heartily support. Sadly, no Rick with me this morning. He had to work. His fans were asking for him.

Waiting for the start, with wet shoes and wondering if I was overdressed. The answer was “No”.

Waiting at the headquarters for the 10K
Waiting at the headquarters for the 10K

Warmed up a bit, and off I went with about 60 other hearty runners in the 10K. I went out for the first mile at a comfortable, which turned to “challenging”, clip with the eventual ladies’ winner. She left me shortly after the mile mark. (Granted, she is 29 and I am not. Her husband was the overall winner. A younger version of me and Rick, hahaha!)   Anyway, I could see her the whole time, but my legs and breathing just weren’t there to stick with her. I tried to push on the back part of the course between mile 4 and 5 but too little, too late. I ran 43:50, which is about 1:30 off my time from last year.

It was nice to see Nina at the finish! 🙂 I wish I got a picture of her. I think she asked me “Was that hard?” To which I replied, “Yeah, kinda”. The headwind on Shears Street on the second lap was pretty tough.

Waiting for awards. The pub does a nice job hosting this event.

Inside the Pub waiting for results

In summary: A few potholes, snow and wind made it tricky, but can’t complain about #2F and 7 overall.  Praise God I was able to even be out there.

Back to the tough long interval work and hills ON THE ROAD to get that pace under 7:00/M.

Results from the  Pub 10K
Results from the Pub 10K

Now, onto search for that 5 Miler…

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