Have you been running outside?

No, haven’t run outside in weeks, at least around our house.  Way too scary on the roads of Plainville with giant snow banks and blind turns. There have been too many reports of pedestrians stuck by plows even in parking lots never mind on country back roads.

Don’t you have a race at the end of the month?  How on earth are you training?

Here’s how: The magic of the treadmill in tandem with the iFit website!  This is Rick on his way to Attleboro. 8 miles.

Is it boring? No, surprisingly. I put on some Spotify and time goes pretty quickly. I also have water and quick access to a bathroom, which is a benefit that cannot be understated.

We are able to do all the workouts according to our <a href=”https://dianeruns.com/mr-dooleys-10-k-plan/”>plan.</a>.

Here is the map from the iFit site for the 10 I did Friday. Another nice thing is that it pulls in all the hills so no need to mess with the incline.


We will see how well we are prepared next month!

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