The Narrow Road

It has been a challenge to get around Boston this week, regardless of your mode of transportation – foot, car, train.
One observation traveling by foot, as is my customary way to get to Cambridge:
Varying levels of courtesy on the very narrow footpaths along the way. (I won’t call it “sidewalk” just yet. )  For example, I need to wait for the traffic to pass on Binney street and time my sprint into that tiny corridor in the snowbank across the street.


And today, there was a person on the other side!  We had to trade places swiftly and accurately, like Cirque Du Soleil acrobats (sort of…), lest one of us get run over.

In general, people have been kind to one another,  yielding the single track passage to their fellow human being. 

Even the boats have had to be on a singular path:

Breaking up the ice on the Charles

Through these daily examples of narrow passages, I have also been thinking about Matthew 7:13-14 , where Jesus tells us to enter through the narrow gate. There is no resistance walking down the open highway; it is quite the opposite walking through the narrow gate (or snowbank)  Much more diligence is required and it is a conscious choice to enter. Narrow is the road that leads to life.

The narrow road in Boston Common

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